Monday, February 16, 2009

Annual Update

It seems that I've failed in keeping this journal current. I suppose it's fitting, then, that I'm using this as a way to let the world know that Snow Angel landed a publisher.

And like some great, titan weight lifted, I can finally focus on the task at hand.

I wrote the first script for Snow Angel over a year ago now, and being tasked with finishing it off after such an extended leave has been a difficult endeavor. Regardless, with the opportunity presented I had little issue with moving forward.

Part of the deal required significant changes on a storytelling aspect, as rather than being developed as an eight issue, single release series it has been combined into one release of 88 pages combined into a graphic novel. If I take an honest look at the story, I know this is a better format for Snow Angel, but it shaves 100 pages from my overall length. That's a significant number in comic books. Trust me.

At any rate, I've been buried back into the arms of my forgotten love and wrestling with the concept and what needs to stay and what needs to be left out. Obviously, the strong story elements of father daughter relationship and desire for love and affection are what make Snow Angel an interesting story. The characters are easily identified with.

That said, there is also an element of darkness, of violence so personal that it draws the reader in and makes them feel the gunshot, the impact of its action and how it affects not only them but the characters on the trigger end of the gun.

I found a way to keep those essential elements and still retain a tight, engrossing story. With the upcoming release in July, I hope the followers of this project as well as new readers, will find what I've created a rewarding experience.

Until then, I'll just have to wait and see.

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